Sunday, August 27, 2006

As It Turns Out, I Have an MSI K8MM-V.

Okay, so thanks to Tricia, I have figured out how to enter cash into Quicken. Crisis averted.

In other news, I stayed up late last night not doing my homework. In fact, rather than doing my homework, I cleaned out my refrigerator. Then I balanced my checkbook. Then I read the manual to my motherboard. Now, granted, all of those things are fascinating, enjoyable, and far more important than writing the proposal for a wireless Internet setup that my Information Systems instructor is dying to read. And yet, somehow, it is still on my to-do list. College is such a waste of time. If I accomplished all of those great and necessary tasks on a lazy Saturday night, just think what I could be accomplishing with my re-energized Sunday morning. Perhaps I could write a novel, or cure an ubiquitous disease. The world will never know what it has lost by requiring me to go to college.



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