Thursday, August 31, 2006

Batteries, please? Aisle four.

Well, even superheroes have bad days I guess. I'm not really having a bad day exactly, I'm just completely exhausted. I keep going over in my head all of the things I'm trying to juggle, and all of the things I'm trying to accomplish. It almost seems overwhelming sometimes. Generally I try to keep the momentum going to fast that I don't think about it. Once in awhile, like today, I trip and fall, and all the balls seem to come bouncing down around me.

So, in an effort to purge myself of this mental whirlwind, I am going to list all of the things I worry about on a daily basis. Here goes:

1. Money. Not concerned about paying the bills exactly, somehow I always get by. Just the whole idea of managing it, getting out of debt, creating a college fund for the kiddo.

2. Food. My food, his food. Eating the right things, getting enough water, fruits and vegetables. Staying on my weight loss plan. Getting him to eat anything, period. (Picky eater.)

3. School. Somehow managing to scrape by with my schoolwork until I'm done. (I completely hate this one.)

4. Work. Liking my job, not liking my job. Mostly being dead tired after working. Dreading Mondays (11-hour shift.) Finding a new job.

5. Skin. Moisturize, sunscreen, blah blah blah. It seems like everything from magazines to tv and beyond is focused on perfect skin these days. If I don't protect it now I will look awful later...

6. Fitness. Training for a 5k. Then a 10k I guess. Keeping my ankles iced. Stretching. Doing Pilates regularly.

7. Sleep. Actually maybe this is more like #2. I fall asleep constantly. Almost fell asleep walking through Wal-Mart today. Does one ever get accustomed to sleep deprivation? Should I try to endure the headaches for a week or so and give up Diet Coke? (Please say no.)

8. Other people. I miss my dad. I should visit my grandma more often. I wonder if my mom is secretly as tired as I am. I hope my brother has enough money. I wish I had more time for my friends.

9. My house. There are only two of us and yet there seems to be endless dishes. I always have bruises from tripping on toys. I am tired of laundry. I really want to scrub everything in this house. I hate clutter.

Wow. I do feel better. Blogging = yoga - crazy headstands.


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