Friday, August 25, 2006

There Are No Muskrats in Missouri

Well the kiddo got bitten at daycare today. On the mouth, if that isn't random enough. I am not sure I should be concerned about this. He seems ok, I don't think the bite even broke skin, and if it did I don't think the other kid had Hepatitis so it probably would have been ok anyway. I can already tell that I will be living by the motto "boys will be boys" from now on.

In other news, I need a new can opener. I have the strangest can opener I have ever seen, having left the decent one with my ex (adding to a long list of random household items I didn't realize I would miss so much). The sharp little wheel thingy seems to be on the wrong side of the scissor-like part, and although I'm left-handed, I tried it the opposite way and only succeeded in propelling the can off the counter at what may possibly be a record velocity. I wonder how many times you have to fling a can at the wall for it to give up and burst open of its own accord. Or maybe, if I throw the can through the wall, my neighbor will throw her own properly functioning can opener through the hole at me in annoyance.


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